Tula City HouseMayor: Evgeniy Avilov
Country: Russia about 120 miles south of Moscow on the river Upa.
City Population: 492,000 (2010 Census)
Geography: Located in Russia’s Central Federal District and borders Moscow, Ryazan, Lipetsk, Oryol, and Kaluga Oblasts.
Natural Resources: Iron ore, clay, limestone, and deposits of lignite (coal).
Economy: Metalworking, engineering, coal mining and chemical industries.
Culture: The Tula accordion is named for the city and also renowned for samovar production and gingerbread cookies called “pryaniki.”
Historical Industry: In 1712, Tula was visited by Peter the Great, who commissioned the Demidov blacksmiths to build the first armament factory in Russia. Several decades later, Tula was turned by the Demidovs into the greatest ironworking center in Eastern Europe.
Did you know? World famous writer Leo Tolstoy lived, died and was buried within the Tula Oblast. His estate is called Yasnaya Polyana and is open to visitors.